Graf, Penny, Vivian y Gundi

They arrived from Germany and were Oak Grove´s cornerstones

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Sicawey Penny Royal
Graf von der Canis Burg

Vivian von der Canis Burg
Gundi vom Hengstbachthal


Oak Grove Champions since then


Arg.Ch.Oak Grove Comander

Int.Arg.Ch.Oak Grove Cuiras

Int.Chil.Ch.Oak Grove Batman De la Quelu

Int.Arg.Ch.Oak Grove Juniper

Int.Chil.Ch.Oak Grove Jill

Sud Am.Arg.Gr.ChOak Grove Ironside

Arg.Ch.Oak Grove Jolly Joker

Arg.Ch.Oak Grove Fairyland Kid

Arg.Ch.Oak Grove Leaf

Int.Arg.Ch.Oak Grove Lafitte

.Arg.Ch Oak Grove Avus Watson

Arg.Ch.Jov cam Sud.Oak Grove Castlefort Colt

Int.Arg.Gr.Ch.Oak Grove Siasgley Potenza

Int.Arg.Gr.Ch.Castlefort Berenice

Arg.Gr.Ch.Oak Grove Jasmin's Penelope

Arg.Ch.Oak Grove Jamas Aika

Arg.Ch.Oak Grove Castleford's Gin Tanqueray

Arg.Ch Oak Grove Vitamin

Arg.Ch Oak Grove Volker

Eng.Int.Lat.Ch.Jokyl Wizard

Int.Lat.Arg.Gr.Ch Oak Grove Whirlwind

Int.Lat.Arg.Gr.Ch Oak Grove Wedding Bells

Arg.Ch Oak Grove Wotan

Arg.Ch Oak Grove Agra Ricci Haupt

Arg.Ch Oak Grove Hendy The Unite

Arg.Ch Oak Grove Lafite's Clarence

Int.Lat.Arg.Gr.Ch Oak Grove Ypsilon

Arg.Ch Oak Grove Yougal

Arg.Ch Oak Grove Yo no fui

Am.Ch.Oak Grove Yatasto

Int.Fr.Mon..Ch Oak Grove York

Esp.Ch.Oak Grove Zonda del Sur

Int.Lat.Arg.Gr.Ch.Ur.Ch.Joval Oak Grove Earth and Fire

Int.Lat.Gr.Ch.Arg.Ur.Ch.Oak Grove Nagi's Calvin

Arg.Ur.Ch.Oak Grove Zeta

Arg.Ur.Ch.Oak Grove Zatopek

Arg.Ch.Oak Grove Zaeta

Arg.Ch,Oak Grove Zara

Arg.Ch.Oak Grove Katia Arols Airelands

Esp.Ch.Oak Grove S'arraco Speerd Master

Arg.Ch.Oak GroveThunder Green Sea

Isr.Ch.Oak Grove Let The Games Begin

Ur.Ch.Oak Grove Tom Wates

Ur.Ch.Oak Grove Bjork

Ch.Mold.Esto.& Europ.Jr.Ch.Oak Grove Euskadi